About Me & My Site

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G'day, mate,

I'd guess this is the page where I introduce myself to my readers and explains why I had created this site.

Well to begin with, my name is Jimmy and I am from Australia. Dark Mirrors of Heaven is my new site, which I'd hope that you would find fascinating.

I'm also the creator of Timeless Myths, a website that I began in 1999. At Timeless Myths, I am known by my alias as Bladesmaster, mainly because of the e-mail that I used.

One of my interests in life is mythology. I'm fascinated by narratives or poems about gods, heroes and people of forgotten time and place. I'm always interested in great adventures, which is why I fell in love with mythology. I had created Timeless Myths, mainly to share my knowledge about mythology.

But you can't read something about gods and goddesses, without becoming interested and involved in religions and spirituality.

To tell you the truth though, I'm an agnostic; a person who believes that we cannot possibly know for certain about the existence of Supreme Being or beings, and yet I curious about religion to the point where I must read about it. I like to think that I am open-minded, and just curious enough to read the Bible, when I was younger, yet I don't have this faith that is an important core of religion or spirituality. You can read my thoughts on agnosticism and religion at Reflecting Pond: Agnostos.

Living in the western society, but with Chinese background, yet I know very little about Chinese religions. I know more about the religion behind Christianity, than any other religions, such as Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and other pagan religions and cults, and yet I don't consider myself to be a Christian. I understand the Christian teaching and customs, without becoming involved with one.

It is due to my curiosity that I wondered about the fascinating narratives of the Genesis, which is included in scriptures of the Christian Bible and Jewish Tanakh. Because of my interest in the creation myths of other pagan religions and cultures, I often wondered about some of the passages found in the Genesis. This led me over the last two years to search for other obscure texts that are related to the Genesis.

I was particularly interested in the events "before", "during" and "after" Adam and Eve. The passage in Genesis 6, about supernatural beings fathering giants, had also caught my attention. I was wondering if there was more out there, then what was given in the Genesis.

To find the missing pieces to my puzzles, I had to search diligently to satisfy my curiosity. I have found many texts that most Christians wouldn't read, and mostly likely, wouldn't even know about them. They include the Apocrypha, Pseudepigrapha, some Jewish legends, and the Gnostic texts (Nag Hammadi Library).

Like what I did for Timeless Myths, I am here to share what I have read with you; this site is the fruit of my search. I've created Dark Mirrors of Heaven, where I put together various sources, and then summarised the narratives what I have found and read. This site doesn't contain the translations to these texts, but I will provide quotes from various sources.

In Dark Mirrors of Heaven, I've concentrated only on events relating to Adam (and Eve), Enoch and Noah. These are patriarchs before the time of Abraham, the Founder of the Hebrew race, and before Moses, the Israelite Lawgiver and Founder of early Judaism.

You may have wondered if I will ever accept religion after reading all these texts. The answer to that is "Nope". Religion and these texts still interested me, but only on my scholarly side; there is no belief or faith. As usual, there are more uncertainties. And I still have many questions that still need to be answered. So I am basically still agnostic, but that doesn't mean my curiosity has ended.

Well, I hoped that I haven't bored you with all this.

Jimmy Joe
March 2006